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Southern Management Rental LLC

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We provide services related to real estate management in York, Pennsylvania.

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Property Management
Get the Best Solutions For Tenant Placement

Looking for real estate investment? Contact us for the best consultancy in Pennsylvania.

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Southern Management Rental LLC

Contact For Property Management

We provide services related to real estate management in York, Pennsylvania.

About Us

Seamless Property Management Solutions

We are founded on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and innovation. We provide comprehensive real estate management services in Pennsylvania. Our services include property management, property maintenance, and tenant placement. We have a team of seasoned experts who are committed to providing quality service to you. From accurate pricing to paperwork, we take care of everything. Our services are affordable and easy to book. Our team responds promptly every time you contact us. Contact us, and we would love to serve you!

Our Services

Best Real Estate Service Provider In Pennsylvania

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Property Management

We provide property management services to Southern York County, Pennsylvania. We handle everything from tenant communication to rent collection, maintenance, and beyond. We first understand your unique needs and provide solutions...
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Property Maintenance

A well-maintained property is key to its long-term success. SMR provides comprehensive maintenance services to keep your property in top condition. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, our skilled professionals ensure...
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Tenant Placement

Finding the right tenants is a crucial step in property management. SMR employs a strategic and thorough tenant placement process to identify qualified individuals who will treat your property with the care it deserves...
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Why Choose Us?

Your Investment, Our Priority


We have over 30 years in property management and over 50 years of Real Estate experience. Our team is well aware of the market, trends, and legalities, ensuring that your investment is in capable hands.


At SMR, we believe in open communication. Our transparent approach means you’ll always be informed about the status of your property and any relevant developments.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every property is unique. That’s why we customize our services to meet the required needs of your investment, providing a personalized and effective management strategy.


Please stay connected with your property through our advanced technology platforms: access real-time updates, financial reports, and other essential information at your convenience.

Always Find What You’re Looking For

With Southern Management LLC

We guide you the best and our services are highly appreciated by our clients. Contact us and try by yourself. Trust us and invest wisely!


What Our Clients Are Saying

Southern Management Rentals has been an invaluable partner in managing my rental properties. Their attention to detail, transparent communication, and tailored solutions make them stand out in the industry. Trustworthy and professional, SMR is truly a trusted partner in property management

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John T Property Owner

SMR's use of technology has revolutionized my property management experience. Real-time updates, financial reports, and an easy-to-navigate platform have made the process efficient and stress-free. The team's expertise and commitment to excellence are evident in every interaction

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Sarah M Apartment ComplexOwner

What sets SMR apart is their commitment to proactive maintenance. Regular checks and timely repairs have saved me from costly issues. I appreciate their dedication to preserving the value of my property, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for years to come.

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Michael K Single-Family Home Owner

Experience Stress-Free Property Management And Maximize Your Real Estate Investments.

Let’s Start Optimizing Your Property For Success

If you are ready to inquire about having SMR manage your properties, please email at or by phone at 717-235-6950.

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